GLES Advisery

Green Leaf™ professional advisory services are contracted through the Green Leaf™ “Committed to Efficiency” Programme (Green Leaf™ C2E).


Green Leaf™ C2E is tailor made to your business needs through a modular and systematic approach.


Green Leaf™ C2E contractually binds your business to define aims and objectives towards responsible environmental, economic and social responsible best practice.


Thereafter, Green Leaf™ C2E completes mandatory Core Sphere of Influence modules to include:


a) Desktop and on-site baseline assessment to evaluate your environmental, economic and social and quality management systems status quo;


b) Eco Committee set up and protocols;


c) Benchmarking sustainable business core raw material cycle, product manufacturing, distribution and sales;


d) Green Leaf™ IT Toolkits for water, energy, waste, procurement, policies, awareness and effectiveness;


The outcome of the above Green Leaf™ mandatory modules are no cost and low cost actions and recommendations, combined with a preliminary result against the Green Leaf Environmental Standard. The result of the Green Leaf™ C2E assessment does not constitute Green Leaf™ certification.


Your business can add further modules in a progressive and adaptive approach during the Core Sphere of Influence or Responsible Sphere of Influence. The following modules compliment the mandatory modules:


Summary of Green Leaf™ C2E additional modules

For more information on Green Leaf™ C2E advisory services complete the contact us sheet.