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The Green Leaf™ Eco Standard (GLES) is specifically constructed as a sustainability and certification assessment tool for the performance management of any international organisation or property.

In its name, “Green Leaf™” stems from the symbol representing the philosophy of people and place in environmental leadership and conservation of the Wilderness Foundation (the organisation, together with Andrew Phillips, which founded the Green Leaf Environmental Trust, the custodians of GLES). “Eco Standard” is an integrated concept which promotes the synergy of environmental, social and economic systems to facilitate behavioural and material adaptations in a business beyond the triple bottom-line.

Certification under GLES demonstrates a firm, authentic and effective commitment to sustainability, both towards the environment and socially, under the globally-recognised symbol of the Wilderness Foundation, the Green Leaf™. The GLES is implemented internationally by accredited agencies which ensure impartiality and quality during the certification process.